What are the Main Security Guard duties?

If you are considering a career as a security guard then you need to get the full breadth of what a security guard does and what are the security guard duties . The first and foremost thing is that you need to have the inclination to be a security. By this we mean that a proficient security guard will have the tendency to be one in their nature.

Being a security guard is not an easy job and so you have to really have the desire to keep people safe, and work in the service of their security. Usually security guards tend to work in a variety of industries, an also possess a range of skills. Generally a guard’s duty is to detect suspicious behavior, deter threats, report criminal activity, and also prevent crime to the appropriate authorities. Guards belonging to top ranking security guard companies respond effectively and quickly to threats. They are highly skilled when it comes to de-escalating a potentially dangerous moment that can put people’s lives in jeopardy. A lot of brands have also discovered that keeping security guards around has really helped when it comes to customer service.

Becoming a security guard is an important decisions that you really have to ponder over before starting. This is why we have devised a small guide for you to be able to get the full understanding of what it is like to be a security guard, and what you need to prepare yourself for:

Types of security guards

When you apply to become a security guard you will need to figure out which line of security services do you need to get into. There are different types of security guards, and you will be trained accordingly. The department of security services you will be sent into will depend highly on your interests and skillset. Here are five major types of security guards:

Armed security guards

These are the most in-demand security services. Armed security guards are equipped with security tools like firearms. Not only that, they are usually trained by professionals in how to use it. Make sure that if you are going in the armed security services department you are licensed to carry a firearm. This would ensure to the company and state, that you have adequate information on how to safely use this tool. Armed security guards are usually recruited in businesses dealing with highly confidential matters, because there are higher chances of security breeches. These would be political, monetary, legal, and other similar institutions. They will expect the armed security guards to be vigilant, and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Unarmed security guards

Unarmed guards are excellent when there is an influx of customers, going in and out of the building. The thing with armed guards is that as useful they are for the business, they will make average people uncomfortable. Usually people are pretty uncomfortable around firearms, and also the presence of an armed security guard gives the notion that there is something terribly wrong with the situation. This is why in retail stores, grocery stores, and malls it is important that businesses hire unarmed security guards. Other than that, an unarmed security guard is also station at entrances of office buildings, they are the ones who patrol the area, and also implement access control. They will be the ones keeping track of anyone coming in and going out, whether they are employees, guests, interviewees, or new employees.

Vehicle Patrol Security Guards

If you own a warehouse, or your business spans a wide area then you will benefit from a vehicle patrol security system. These security guards are given security vehicles that allows them to patrol the area pretty quickly, and also respond to emergencies promptly. They can also help escort people from the building to a safe region in moments of urgency.

Firewatch security guard

If your fire alarms are not working, or even if they are, a firewatch security guard will definitely come in handy. A firewatch security guard will be responsible to locate any potential fire hazards, and work to remove it immediately. They will be tasked to maintain equipment that could potentially turn hazardous if not repaired or looked after. They are also highly trained in fire protocols and so they will immediately move to safely escort people out of the building as soon as the fire alarm goes off or they spot a potential threat.

Event Security

Event managers need to allocate a generous budget to high scale events. This will help them keep things under control, and also prevent a potentially threatening situation. With so many people gathered in one place, events are a honeypot for lawbreakers. There are several cases of vandalism, shootings, looting, and so many other similar activities. Event security will keep an eye out for such suspicious activity, escort people to a safer area, and also de-escalate a difficult situation.

Security Guard’s responsibilities

Here are some main security guards responsibilities

Be visible

This is such an important task of a security guard, yet it is not always taken too seriously. The presence of a security will help in discouraging lawbreakers from carrying out their plans. Especially if it is an armed security guard, the potential criminal will definitely be deterred from their plans, knowing what the consequences might be. Other than that, the presence of security guard also helps in making the employees and customers feel safe within the property as well. If the employees feel that they are not safe in the building they will be staying for 9 or 10 hours in then they will definitely think twice about investing their energy. Similar is the case with customers, if they do not feel safe in your store they will find where they do.

Be alert and observant

A security guard has to always be on alert in case of any suspicious activity. This requires them to observe even the minutest activities and inspect them. Usually a security guard would be trained to do an ocular patdown of people in sight as a standard practice. But other than that they also should have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and should be able to notice even the most trivial hints on a person. If you are someone who has a short attention span and are not vigilant with observation then we highly suggest that you train yourself in that.

Act fast

Once you have observed that there is something off about a situation you will be required to act fast. First you will need to alert the proper authorities and then you will have to jump in to de-escalate the situation yourself. You will be required to do several things simultaneously. Not only will you have to grab at the perpetrator, but you will also have to hold them off from carrying their plans. This will require an immense level of physical fitness so that even if you are on foot you can to the point of urgency immediately.

There is a lot that goes into becoming a high quality security guard. Joining a high ranking company will definitely help you because you will get all the accurate training that you need in order to become good at your job, and the best part is that there are always opportunities to go higher.


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