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Security Guard Services In San Bernardino

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San Bernardino Security Guard Company

San Bernardino, most famous for Route 66, and with an area of over 20,000 square miles, it’s one of the largest counties in the golden state of California. San Bernardino County is home to the first-ever McDonalds Restaurant site, Joshua Tree National Park, and beautiful scenic mountains. Despite the beautiful nature and historic sites, San Bernardino has been ranked as America’s third most dangerous city. Crime rates in San Bernardino are 112% higher than the national average. With a high crime and violence rate, hiring experienced san bernardino security guard company is the best way to protect people and assets.

There is a selection of security guard companies in the county of San Bernardino, unfortunately not all security companies possess the experience and skills it takes to deter crime and violence. Top San Bernardino security company creates custom-tailored security solutions specific to each client’s security needs and concerns. Our professional armed security guards San Bernardino and unarmed security guards San Bernardino undergo rigorous training programs so that they are prepared to handle any security issue with a proactive approach.

San Bernardino security guard company provides top-notch event security, fire watch security, mobile patrol services San Bernardino, hotel security, traffic control, and much more! Contact Direct Guard Services today for a free consultation. 


Premium Security Guard Services In San Bernardino California

At Direct Guard Services, we maintain a superior level of expertise through continuous education in security skills and protocols as well as technical and business skills. This well-rounded approach to training ensures that our security guards have the practical, social, and business acumen necessary to perform at a level that meets or exceeds our demanding quality requirements, as well as stringent industry standards. Every security guard that is employed at Direct Guard Services is registered with the state of California- BSIS ( Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, AFTER being cleared by a national background check. Once part of the Direct Guard Services security team, the security companies in san bernardino receive the support of a well-managed network or supervisors and managers dedicated to the security guards’ ongoing success. DGS supervisors and personnel are in constant communication, be it one on one, or through our state of the art 24/7 Dispatch Center.

While we have high expectations from our security guards and supervisors, Top san bernardino security company provides positive support, continued training, and compensation packages necessary to develop a unity of beliefs and goals among our workforce while reducing turnover and developing a true sense of commitment and dedication to our valued clients.

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