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About us

About us

Direct Guard Services is simply the right choice for Security

Direct Guard Services is simply the right choice for security. We are a fully licensed and bonded private security guard company led by a senior management team with a decade of experience in armed and unarmed security guard services and mobile patrol services. Direct Guard prides itself by providing its valued clients with professional, quality, and responsive security officers, 7 days a week/24 hours a day at competitive rates.

Direct Guard is a recognized leader among California based security companies. We deliver effective security solutions for a wide variety of routine and security-driven challenges in the state of California. Direct Guard Services offers highly effective armed and unarmed security guards, innovative technology, access control services, and expertly trained security guards for a diverse range of industries


10 Years of Experience

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Led by seasoned executives who are results-driven, experts in their fields, and have real-world experience in the industries we serve, our security guards have a reputation for being proactive, professional, prepared, and responsive. Individual accountability and leadership are characteristics that are core to Direct Guard’s company culture, from the security guards working at a site to the executive responsible for your account. Our clients have high expectations, and what’s more, we have higher expectations for the service we provide. Clients entrust us with the responsibility of protecting their physical assets and personnel, and it’s always our mission to execute flawlessly.


With an emphasis on training, technology, and communication, Direct Guard Services provides innovative armed and unarmed security guard services. At Direct Guard Services, our goal is to maintain safety through excellence and preventive measures. And while we value prevention over action, we are always prepared to act decisively when needed.

At Direct Guard Services, we understand that each client’s needs are unique, and require a custom plan of action. The partnerships we develop with our clients ensures that the client’s goals and objectives are met daily. Each client’s customized security program is delivered with a high-touch customer service approach which includes hand-selecting qualified and trained security guards, and site-specific security technology for your organization’s security needs. Direct Guard delivers results that enhance the operation of our clients.

Our security guard services are fully tailored to your specific needs to make sure you’re getting the level of protection you need.

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DG Security Guards

“Give us your most difficult security issues and we will provide a solution.”