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Armed Security Guards

Armed Security Guards Services in California:

Armed security guards are the most effective ways of keeping your environment secure. Direct Guard Services team of Armed Guard Services will efficiently and adequately provide a safer environment, business, or living. Our armed security guards are trained to possess and use firearms mainly for defense. Direct Guard’s armed guards are licensed professionals, courteous, and trained to perform at the highest level to deter crime and become an asset to your organization.

Just having an alarm and monitoring system is not effective in any way to keep your business, property, and people safe. Armed security guard measures, when rightly put in place, play a vital role in the security program of all facilities. Various kinds of security threats are in the world today, and it appears that new threats are invented every day. With Direct Guard Services, it is pertinent for business and property owners to consider the use of other security options.


At Direct Guard Services, we hold our armed security guards to the highest level of standards, the protection of your property, and the people in it is our number one priority. Direct Guard provides highly trained Armed Guard Services. Our armed security guards have been extensively trained on how to handle a wide variety of situations. Our security officers are monitored closely by our supervisors and through our real-time guard tracking system (DirectTrack) to ensure your security needs are being met.
We believe that force is not always the answer, but the need for force can never be eliminated. When that need arises, it is crucial to supply the best kind of service. The presence of Direct Guards armed security guards will deter any form of crime and provide a level of safety that will keep everyone at peace.

Direct Guard Services armed security guards have received the proper security guard training to resolve all kinds of conflict and prevent escalation. We take prompt action in responding to threats and rounding up potential attackers. The need for armed guards can never be overemphasized. Direct Guard Services armed security services can aid your firm in providing profitable and attentive crime deterrent. Contact us now!