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Security Guard Services In San Francisco

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Security Guard Services In San Francisco

San Francisco is well known as the commercial, cultural, and financial center of Northern California. The city of San Francisco is not only famous for the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars but also its flavorful restaurants and food trends. With a population of 881, 549, it is the 16th most populous city in the United States. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities in America.

With a great number of tourists and thriving businesses, there is a great demand for the protection of assets and personal and retail space. Security Guard Services San Francisco provides 24/7 armed and unarmed, licensed and certified security guards with the lowest hourly rates and an immediate response time.


Securing property and the safety of occupants is serious business, and so is your choice of San Francisco CA Security Guard Services. Whether you’re in charge of a business, a large residential property, or managing a public event, you want to make sure you’re working with experienced experts who know what to do to maximize security, whatever the situation. At Direct Guard Services, we’re committed to providing the very best in up to date security services for all types of properties, businesses, and individuals. Whether the concern is vandalism, unruly or unwanted guests at a public event, property theft, or something more serious, our security guards, mobile patrol team members are always up to the task of providing complete protection.

At Direct Guard Services, our widely respected team of security employs state of the art technology and up to date best practices, and we can provide highly effective and truly comprehensive San Francisco CA Security Guard Services on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. This includes utilizing our security guards, uniformed for high visibility, to operate stationary guard posts, and to patrol premises on foot. We also provide mobile patrol services in visibly marked vehicles to ensure the property is monitored and also to discourage would-be wrongdoers and trespassers.

Top Notch Security Guard Services In San Francisco

Direct Guard Services in the industries -leading security companies throughout San Francisco. At Direct Guard Services we hold an unparalleled reputation. From highly qualified and experienced armed security guards and unarmed security guards to mobile patrol and event security services, we are extremely confident that we can provide the perfect security solutions for you, backed by our technologically advanced options and dedicated operations team, and vigilant security guards.

Our years of experience have helped us build up an outstanding reputation throughout San Francisco. We pride ourselves on our reliability as well as our ability to provide a wide range of highly effective security solutions to a large number of customers. We boast industry approved accreditations, and always adhere to strict regulatory standards and codes of practice. This helps us to ensure that we are delivering the best possible services to our clients.

Security Guard Services San Francisco reputation is based on its high quality, professional security operatives. Each contract is carefully considered and planned to deliver a cost-effective service tailored to the clients’ needs. The account manager is in contact with the client regularly to ensure any concerns are dealt with immediately, and client feedback assists with continuous improvement.

Event Security Services and Crowd Control

Direct Guard Services can provide you with a specially selected event security team for any type of event. Events that we provide services for include:

Concerts and Performances
Private Parties
Sporting Events
Charity Events
Black-Tie Affairs
Business Conferences and Trade Shows
Trade Shows
County Fairs
Movie Premieres and Red-Carpet Events
Movie Sets
High Profile Legal Cases

If you are holding an event, such as a private party or conference in your commercial building, you need to ensure everyone attending is safe from threats and any other type of unrest. Our security guards can be hired to provide general security and to control access to such events. We can also be called in to remove an event attendee if they behave badly or become a safety threat. With over a decade of experience in crowd control and management, Direct Guard Services can provide you with the appropriate level of security and crowd management either at festivals, carnivals, sporting events, concerts, or trade shows. Direct Guard Services is recognized throughout California for outstanding armed and unarmed event security services.

At Direct Guard Services, we are aware that event security guards are usually the first point of contact that people see when they come to a private party, festival, or any event, our security guards will help create a safe and welcome atmosphere for your guests.
If you are thinking of hiring event security officers, consider hiring Direct Guard Services. Our experience and know-how in the event security industry guarantee a service that is both professional and reliable. Our team of approachable armed and unarmed security guards will make sure your events, conferences, and trade shows are trouble-free. Here is what makes Direct Guard the event security company of choice for a lot of businesses in California:

Well Trained and Fully Licensed Security Guards
Quality Service at Competitive Rates
Customer Focused Security Guard Services
Customized Security Plans for your Special Event

Concierge Security Services

Direct Guard Services concierge security guards will not only make any place secure but also ensure good customer service to residents, visitors, and staff members in case of any emergency. That is why concierge security guards are vital for building or residential apartments. We guarantee the best concierge security services in San Francisco for you. 

If you want to ensure the highest level of security for your residential or commercial building security, our concierge security guards in California are best for this job. Our security guards can easily maintain a safe environment through the skills they have. Moreover, your residents, visitors, and staff will feel more welcomed and comfortable with their presence in the place. 

Direct Guard Services security concierge delivers a front of house service that provides you with the security guard services you need, as well as a professional service that adds value to your offices or apartment buildings. 

At Direct Guard Services we pride ourselves on the excellent standard of service that we provide and this is achieved through the focus we place on understanding the requirements of your business, our robust recruitment process, and subsequent training and development of all our staff. 

The service our concierge security guards will provide is tailored to your individual needs and these can typically include

Politely greeting employees/residents and visitors
Enforcing access control and assuring that only authorized personnel enter the building
Creating incident reports for any suspicious activities or safety hazards
Carrying out a range of, ‘Good Neighbour' duties including taking in parcel deliveries and spare keys
Protecting the property from theft, accidents, fire, and other threats
Ensuring the security of the building and the safety of all those within
Providing security outside the building and taking immediate action should safety and security be a concern
Responding rapidly and professionally to all emergencies
Providing courteous and well informed assistance at all times

Combining the roles of a receptionist and security guard, our security concierge service is a cost-effective way of providing a first-class front of experience for your customers, residents, staff, and visitors. Direct Guard Services provides security concierge services for residential developments, commercial high rise buildings security, and hotels. Our smartly uniformed concierge security guards are the perfect brand ambassadors for you and your business, projecting a positive and lasting impression on all your visitors.

At Direct Guard Services, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining security whilst providing excellent customer service, and reducing staffing costs. Direct Guard Services security concierge service in California has proved an effective and efficient method of achieving this. Our armed and unarmed security guards are professionally trained to handle any situation with top-notch customer service and be proactive in the event of an emergency.

Being able to offer an extra level of safety to the people who come and go through your building is also an incredible opportunity made possible by concierge security guards. Discuss your facility’s layout and your needs and concerns for the present and future of your business. Contact Direct Guard Services today.