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Security Guard Services In San Diego

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San Diego

San Diego is a culturally-vibrant, economically-thriving metropolitan area in the state of California. With beautiful weather and sunny beaches, San Diego is a popular tourist location in Southern California. In addition to the long stretches of sandy beaches, there are over 200 parks and recreational facilities in San Diego. San Diego has developed a strong and varied economic base. A world-renowned center for wireless telecommunications and biotechnology, the region also boasts a strong manufacturing core. Military, tourism and agriculture continue to have a strong presence. A high volume of tourism and large manufacturing companies require the best protection from expert and top-notch security guard companies.

Direct Guard Services provides professional and alert personal and asset security guard services throughout San Diego. With a decade of armed security guards and unarmed security guards experience, Direct Guard has worked in every industry with countless businesses. Direct Guard Services is a security guard company built on integrity, excellent customer-focused support, and professionalism which remain our core values.

At DGS, we stand by our principles, place our clients first, tailor each service to meet customers’ needs, and our security guards are exceptionally trained to deal with every job in a qualified manner.


Top Notch Security Guard Services In San Diego

There are many benefits when hiring a uniformed security guard from Direct Guard Services to protect your business or personnel in San Diego. 

Crime Deterrent: The mere presence of a recognizable and uniformed security guard is a major deterrent to criminal behavior and inappropriate activity. Knowing that they are being watched, could be watched, or might get caught in the act by an armed or unarmed security guard in uniform is often enough to stop someone from doing what they shouldn’t.
Emergency Help: The uniform makes security guards easily recognizable. Anyone on the premises who needs to report suspicious activity or needs help knows exactly who they can turn to first. Security guards are also trained to act first and fast in an emergency while police, paramedics, or other emergency personnel are on the way.
Comfort: Employees, customers, or residents of a building armed with a uniformed security guard can function better and breathe easier when they know that they are in a secure place. Uniformed security guards, while intimidating – which is a good thing – are also a calming presence to those who respect and are thankful for their protection.
Real-Time Surveillance: You can have surveillance cameras on-site, and that may be enough to ward some would-be criminals away, but these are cameras that are typically only accessed after a crime has been committed. Having a uniformed security guard from Direct Guard Services, on-site ,who is monitoring activity throughout the premises and immediately acting upon anything untoward is the difference between a criminal getting away with their crime and deterring the crime completely. Even rounds on foot or by vehicle are more imposing and preventative than security cameras alone.

As a career, uniformed security guards is a growing profession that is in high demand throughout California. Terrorism, shootings, domestic threats, foreign threats, vandalism, crime, and violence can occur without warning. A uniformed security guard is the first point of contact in a desperate situation, prepared to deploy all resources possible in an emergency.

Uniformed security guards create calm and comfort for the occupants of a building or place of business. The security guards at Direct Guard Services create peace of mind that the premises are well looked-after during normal business hours and after-hours. There is constant surveillance, observation, and attention to detail with a uniformed security guard who is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Discuss your uniformed security guard needs in California with Direct Guard Services.

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