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Security Guard Services In Ventura

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Security Guards in Ventura

Ventura, home to the largest wooden pier in California, around for over 100 years, and a jewel to the Ventura Community. Many tourists visit Ventura County to get a taste of the sunshine, beautiful waves, and amazing temperatures. Ventura County boasts a dynamic and diverse economy with business resources designed to support business growth and expansion.

Ventura County crime rates are 6% higher than the national average. With that amount of increased crime, there is an increased need for the protection of people and assets. Direct Guard Services has been serving Ventura County with reliable and top-notch security services since 2010. Security Guards in Ventura specializes in armed and unarmed security guard services and mobile patrol services.


The Direct Guard Difference - Security Guard Services In Ventura County

At DGS, we pride ourselves on our efficiency, accountability, and reliability. We take the time to understand your needs, create a custom-tailored security plan that is ideal for your organization. We firmly believe that no two clients have the same security plan, each client has site-specific concerns and we make sure we identify and execute your security concerns thoroughly. Our state of the art technology, used for the monitoring of our professional security guards improves efficiency and accountability. This innovative technology (DirectTrack) provides real-time reports, GPS stamped, with clear photos, audio, and text. This has been proven to be a sufficient and organized way of monitoring and tracking our security guards’ activity on the field.

Security Guard Company Ventura offers specialized security services and solutions to businesses, organizations, and agencies in Ventura County. Real-world threats require real-world solutions powered by experience and high-level training. From security guard patrols, executive protection services, and emergency response services, and extensive training programs, Direct Guard Services offers complete security guard solutions tailored to the unique threats facing our clients. We will expertly manage your account and security program. Your account is managed by a dedicated account manager that knows your security needs. Your account manager is supported by accessible, accountable management resources that focus on quality and response.

State Licensed and Trained Security Officers

At Security Guards in Ventura, we take an aggressive approach to training. Training begins at the time of hire and continues throughout the security guards’ employment. All of our security guards have earned their guard card from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), and were handpicked by our management team for their professionalism, communication skills, relevant experience, and training. Training includes a variety of topics, such as arrest powers, observe and report, public relations, communications, search and seizure, CPR/first aid, weapons of mass destruction, liability and legal aspects, driver safety, trespass, and officer safety. Also, our security guards receive ongoing security training internally and externally on more specialized topics. Depending upon your preference, our security guards can be armed security guards or unarmed and wear a casual, professional, construction/industrial, or standard security guard uniform.

Direct Guard Mobile Patrol Services

Direct Guard Services mobile patrol services are the pride of our services offered. Security guards selected to serve as patrol officers are some of the most elite in our company, having completed all training programs, and excelled at every level within our organization. Candidates for mobile patrol services must possess an exemplary driving record, have demonstrated a commitment to serving our clientele, and had a strict adherence to company policies and procedures during their employment. Because of the stringent requirements that we demand of our mobile patrol officers, our patrol service clients have quickly learned that we offer something much different and more professional than they have come to expect from the California security guard industry.

Security Guards in Ventura providing mobile patrol services are trained in basic first-aid skills, carry battery jump-start assistance equipment, and can help in many other ways to best serve our clients. We do everything possible to show our customers how the patrol services which we provide are many steps above those provided by our security services competition, and the pride that each one of us takes in the services provided are evident in everything we do.

Highly-Visible Marked & Unmarked Patrol Vehicles
Well-Maintained Fleet
Radio Dispatched
24-Hour Services
Thorough and Detailed Patrols Reports
Alarm Response
Interior and Exterior Food Patrol of all Properties Requesting Mobile Patrol Services

Direct Guard Services mobile patrol services are our most dedicated and trusted security guards; each going through proper training of client’s operational procedures. We want to provide you with a confident and proactive security guard, who, when the time comes, can be trusted to make the right decisions and act by the law, while you are away from your business.

Direct Guard’s completely customizable mobile patrols allow you, as the client, to determine the best services needed. Whether you would like us there for a single visit or more, Direct Guard Services will always provide you with a feeling of comfort and security while you are away from your property.

Proven Results For Expert Security Guard Services

With over a decade of being in business, we have a reputation for giving our valued clients proven results every time. Using our vast areas of expertise and the best security guards in the security industry, we specialize in placing security guards in high-crime areas to deter crime, and the results prove we know our business. According to crime data from these areas, within the first few weeks of our security guards being on patrol, the crime rate decreases substantially. So no matter what type of situation you present us, Direct Guard Services has the manpower and resources to get the job done and provide you with peace of mind. 

If it’s experienced armed and unarmed guards, competitive pricing, reliable security services throughout California, and great customer service you need, contact Direct Guard Services today for a free security consultation of your security guard needs! 

To experience armed and unarmed security and mobile patrol services with customer service that’s second-to-none, put your trust in the expertly trained professionals at Direct Guard Services.