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Hiring The Right

Direct Guard Services‘ commitment to training goes beyond the norms of the industry. As a security guard company, our focus is to develop our employees to their fullest potential. The security, emergency response, and customer service training is only the start of our training program. Direct Guard recognizes that every employee will be a better asset for themselves, the client, and the company when they are trained to reach their fullest potential. From the initial interview to continuing training and education, Direct Guard Services invests time and resources in recruiting and preparing the best security guards. Our extensive pre-employment interview process, reference, and employment history verification and background check are only part of the filtering process. Once completed, candidates undergo a post-hire interview, registration, orientation, and extensive training.


Our initial training regimen is an intensive 55-hour program that’s unique in our industry, encompassing all applicable areas. Even the most experienced security guards undergo Direct Guard’s training program as a refresher course that serves to sharpen and hone existing skills. Employee education continues with on-the-job training involving the actual routine tasks and skill development involved in the security guard’s shift responsibilities. Each security supervisor works with their security guards ensuring every facet of their job, every detail is understood and performed expertly.

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The Training Offered by Direct Guard Services Is Offered In Several Different Ways Including

Classroom Training
Role Play
Online Training Classes
On-Site Training

Each site and post has pre-set training requirements that all security guards need to meet before working a post on their own. To ensure that the post-specific training requirements are met, Direct Guard Services logs all training completed with the employee’s profile and the employee cannot be scheduled to work that post if they do not meet the post-specific training requirements.
While we expect much, Direct Guard provides the positive support, continued training, and compensation packages necessary to develop a unity of beliefs and goals among our security guards while reducing turnover and developing a true sense of commitment and dedication to our clients. Contact us now!