Access Control

Access Control Services in California

Access control is the starting point of all human security. The right security access control implementation for your business or facility is one of the most dependable means of protecting them and their contained assets. Security access control does not only involve the prevention of entry to high-security areas. By adopting efficient access control, Direct Guard Services security guards can systematically screen and allow recognizable employees and visitors cleared to gain access to the areas needed at appropriate times.

Security access control has gone beyond hiring security guards to man gates and barricades, or the use of deadbolt locks and matching brass keys. It now involves designing and developing access control systems that will make it easy for the right people to enter a building. It is essential to restrict or regulate movement throughout a facility, knowing who to keep in and out of your premises when it matters most.


Direct Guard Services works with clients to evaluate their business security needs and develop appropriate solutions. We provide our clients our real-time reporting system, DirectTrack, it provides clients more control of their site security guards and customized security plan which can help your team to control and manage the access system easily. We would also be in charge of your access control system. By administering badges and cardholder,  Direct Guard handles all databases, door lock schedules, and provides hourly reports as required. 

To allow greater control across your security platform, we can integrate our access control systems with your:

Intrusion systems
Video surveillance systems
HR databases
Visitor entry system

At Direct Guard Services, we understand that the security of your business is vital. This is why we create access-security solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of security experts is highly experienced and well versed in developing effective security guard systems. Ensuring the proper flow of your business and ensuring the security of people and assets. Contact us now and get free consultation.