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Security Guard Services In Kern County

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Security Guard Company Kern County

Kern County is a county located in the state of California and compromises the Bakersfield area. Kern County is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States in terms of population but suffers from significant water supply issues and poor air quality. The population in Kern County is 900,202 and the need for security is at an all-time high to reduce violence and crime.

Hiring a professional and experienced security guard company kern county in the most effective way to protect people and businesses in Kern County. At Direct Guard Services, we provide reliably armed and unarmed security guard services to many reputable businesses throughout Kern County. Our security technology, Direct Track, combined with custom site-specific security plans for each client enables us to deliver quality security guard services.

Through our tailored security plans and rigorously trained security guards, our clients have found peace of mind knowing they are in good hands when it comes to their security concerns.


A well-known and respected private security company, Direct Guard Services has been creating bespoke corporate security solutions for businesses across Kern County, California for over a decade. Direct Guard Services is one of the few security guard companies that always aims to deliver effective and reliable security solutions to our customers, by supplying only the best quality armed security guards and unarmed guard services kern county in the field who are trained in specific skills and methods.

Whatever industry your organization is in, Direct Guard Services professionally trained, state-certified security guards can provide a range of services, from conducting hourly patrols, to access control, locking and unlocking doors, and CCTV surveillance to concierge duties and mobile patrols services, ensuring you the very best protection in California.

Our processes and solutions have been recognized as being “industry-leading”, and we are currently ranked in the top 5 percent of private security companies in the golden state! For a motivated, dedicated, and customer-focused security company in Kern County, California, that can deliver fast turnaround speed to security breaches and concerns, contact Direct Guard Services today!

Armed and Unarmed SecurityGuard Benefits In Kern County

Armed and Unarmed SecurityGuard Benefits In Kern County

Relax in the knowledge that your solution will be tailored to your specific security requirements, guaranteeing you a personalized, first-class service.

Huge Skill Set on Offer

Whether it is patrolling, customer service, or surveillance you require, Direct Guard Services has got you covered with a wide range of skills to offer.

Highly Trained Experts

Direct Guard Services deploys only the highest-trained, qualified, and licensed armed and unarmed security guards.

Deter Criminals

An important visual deterrent, the presence of security guards will significantly minimize the chance of vandalism, trespassing theft, and other crime.

Rapid Response Solution

As well as an effective visual deterrent, Direct Guard Services’ proactive security guards can also act as a rapid response solution to any potential or genuine threats.

Keep Costs Down

Direct Guard Services security guards’ multi-role capabilities such as concierge duties and risk assessment mean you can keep costs down without compromising on vital services.

Effective Solutions

Relax in the knowledge that at Direct Guard Services, we make it our mission to ensure that all solutions are delivered to the highest standard and our clients’ needs are met.

Dedicated Account Management

Direct Guard Services is one of the few security guard companies who will work closely with you to develop, deploy and maintain your security solution and our friendly approach means we have developed long-lasting working relationships in various industries.

Bespoke Security Solutions with Direct Guard Services

We have been providing comprehensive security solutions to businesses of all sizes and requirements, across a wide range of industries in California for over a decade. Whether you require mobile patrols to monitor a warehouse site, Direct Guard Services security guards provide protection at your hotel reception, need a key holding and alarm response service for a corporate building, or are looking for a CCTV security solution, Direct Guard Services has got you covered.
As the premier choice for bespoke security guard solutions in California, you can rest assured that your premise, people, and assets will stay secure and remain protected.

Fire Watch Services In Kern County

Alarm system down? Sprinkler malfunctioning? Direct Guard Services is ready to serve your fire watch security needs. In some cases, the fire marshal has ordered the building owners to get fire watch services. In other cases, building owners take a proactive step to reduce their liability before being ordered to do so. In either case, fire watch patrols are conducted the same way. Fire watch security guards perform foot patrols of the areas that have malfunctioning systems. Direct Guard Services is the right choice for fire watch services in California.
You won’t always know when you are going to need fire watch services. But when you do, you need a fire watch security service that is always responsive, prompt, fully insured, thoroughly trained, affordable, and completely reliable. You need the experts from Direct Guard Services fire watch services.
Whether the need is short or long term, planned, or the result of an unexpected equipment failure, licensed Direct Guard Services fire watch security guards are ready to step in to ensure your premises are protected.

Fire Watch Experts - Direct Guard Services

You might need fire watch services for ongoing security at a construction site security or office building, or you might have an emergency failure of a legally required fire safety systems such as alarms, sprinklers, or pumps. Whatever the case, Direct Guard Services can design the ideal fire watch services solution for your unique situation.

No job is too large–or too small–for Direct Guard Services fire watch security experts. From large-scale sports venues and concert halls to shopping centers, hotels and motels, office buildings of any size, hospitals, high rises, construction sites, and even entire neighborhoods, you name it–Direct Guard Services is one of the industries leading security companies who has a solution for you.

Fire Watch Duties

Patrol floors
Ensure exits and walkways remain clear
Identify and report any safety concerns
Sound the alert in case of fire and contact the fire department
Maintain communication with other officers on site.
Document all patrol activities online via Direct Track- online guard management reporting system in real time- GPS Enabled

Direct Guard Services assigns an account manager to each client. The account manager is available to assist the client through every step of the fire watch process. Also, the account manager is available to serve as a liaison between clients and the fire department. Dealing with the fire department can be scary. At Direct Guard Services, we take the fear out of the process and work with clients to maintain compliance with regulations. Fire watch services are also available for non-fire related situations. In these cases, fire watch services are provided due to access control systems malfunctioning or entrance doors being damaged due to criminal activity. In other instances, security services are needed in response to new threats. Having a company to contact for fire watch or last-minute security services is an essential part of any corporate security plan. Direct Guard Services is ready, willing, and able to provide the fire watch services that you need. Contact us now!