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Security Guard Services In San Jose

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Security Guard Services In San Jose

San Jose is the third-largest city in California and home to Silicon Valley, a cultural and technological masterpiece in the Bay Area of Northern California. San Jose is known to be one of the wealthiest major cities in the United States and the world. From expensive neighborhoods to billion-dollar tech companies, there is an increasing need for reliable and professional security guard services to safeguard the people and businesses in this rich city.

Although there are numerous security guard companies in San Jose not all security guard companies have expertly trained and qualified security guards. At Direct Guard Services, we are a firm believer that our security guards become an extension of our client’s staff.

After all, security guards are the first line of defense and will greet your customers and staff. It’s important that when selecting a security guard company, one looks at their experience, qualifications, and portfolio of services.


When it comes to security guard services, nothing stands in place of highly trained professionals employed at Direct Guard Services. Whether it’s guarding private property, patrolling the streets of a gated community, staffing an event, or simply standing guard for a night on a construction site, a security guard offers a level of protection that’s unmatched by cameras or drive-by check-ins. And, when Direct Guard Services guards are on-site, you can expect a level of professionalism that’s unmatched by other run-of-the-mill security companies. At Direct Guard Services, we don’t just put a flashlight and a uniform in anyone’s hands: we vet our security guards to the fullest, ensuring they’re up to the task of offering you complete and total peace of mind.

When you need someone with a uniform and a badge on-site, to instill a little order and represent an air of authority, Direct Guard Services is ready to provide you with highly trained, unarmed security guards in California. Armed with only a flashlight, uniform, and a sense of duty, our guards will do whatever it takes to ensure security at all times, wherever they’re stationed.

Unarmed Security Guard Services In Sacramento

The key to maintaining order and establishing a clean tone of authority is to have security guards who are capable of handling any situation as it arises. Whether it’s a simple case of keeping the riffraff out of private property space or it’s a situation that involves keeping a watchful eye on valuable goods at all times, Direct Guard Services security guards are ready to undertake the task to a level of quality that will leave you with nothing short of the peace of mind. 

At Direct Guard Services, we believe a security guard doesn’t always have to be armed security guards to be effective. When we provide unarmed security guard services in California, we do so knowing that our security guards will be able to handle any situation they’re faced with candor and professionalism—and, as a result, we can help to prevent outbursts and incidents to a high degree of effectiveness.

Benefits of Hiring Direct Guard Services For Your Business In Sacramento

With everything that is involved in running a business day to day, safety and security are sometimes left as the lowest priority. Not addressing these concerns can make your business vulnerable to security issues. To ensure your business, your equipment, and your employees are safe, consider hiring a security guard to improve your security presence. Having a guard on-site can benefit your business in several ways.

Reduce Theft

Most retail businesses require a security system of some kind due to the nature of the business. Although many retailers have surveillance systems to monitor the store, depending on the size of the space and the type of products you offer, shoplifters may still find opportunities in the blind spots that cameras do not pick up. Direct Guard services security guards are very vigilant and observant and can reduce theft at your significantly. business. Having an in-person Direct Guard Services security guard that can detect suspicious behavior and can move around the store accordingly, can help reduce the chances of theft. Our professional and well-groomed security guard presence has worked as a deterrent for theft at many of our valued clients’ places of business. Contact Direct Guard Services today to find out more about our unique security services.

Excellent Customer Service

Direct Guard Services armed and unarmed security guards can also contribute to client customer service. Our friendly security guards can be placed at the front desk and can help greet customers immediately as they enter. Depending on the client’s needs, some security guards can walk clients to the right location or serve as escorts for customers and employees, especially at night when the risk for crime and violence is higher.

Improve Parking Lot Safety

Under the right conditions, vehicles parked in parking lots are vulnerable to theft. Stationing a security guard on-site can reassure customers that they don’t have to worry about leaving their cars unattended for too long and that someone is keeping an eye out.
Placing a security guard in the parking lot can help create a sense of safety, especially late at night when people are walking to and from their cars.

Assistance With Emergency Situations

Security guards from credible security companies such as Direct Guard Services have up to date first aid and safety training. They are equipped to manage a range of emergencies, including physical altercations, medical emergencies, or criminal incidents. If an incident occurs, a security guard can provide immediate response and will have been trained to act appropriately for the circumstance. For this reason, hiring a reputable and experienced security guard company like Direct Guard Services is significantly important.

Protection Against Liability

Depending on the nature of the business, alcohol may be commonplace in the workplace. Whether the business is a restaurant that serves alcohol constantly or an accounting firm that does Friday Happy Hours, once alcohol is introduced into the mix, there is a chance that things can get out of hand.

If anyone at your business is hurt or if anything is broken, it may result in the cost of liability insurance going up. Having a security guard in place ensures that someone is responsible for addressing any situations that may arise. This can help prevent issues from escalating and can keep your insurance costs down.

Select An Experienced And Trusted Security Guard Company

These are just some of the reasons why having a security guard in your place of business is an advantage. If you are thinking of hiring a security guard, ensure you choose an experienced security company that uses the latest security techniques and technology (DirectTrack). Direct Guard Services is one of the most trusted and experienced security guard companies in California. Our operational and management security teams have backgrounds with law enforcement. Contact Direct Guard Services to find out how we can exceed your security needs and provide you safety and peace of mind.

Direct Guard Services has one of the highest pre-employment standards in the security guard industry. A large part of our clients’ satisfaction is derived from the people we attract in the first place – and as importantly – retain over the long term!