Mobile Patrol Services

Highly-trained Mobile Patrol Services in California

At Direct Guard Services, our highly visible and distinctly marked Vehicle Patrol Services equipped with security lights enforce a robust visible deterrence on your property 24/7. Our mobile patrol security vehicles increase the efficiency of patrolling by the security guards on your property resulting in effective surveillance. Our security guards patrol your property effectively, more alert, and capable of responding at a moment’s notice. Direct Guard security guards will enforce a strong presence on your property, providing peace of mind to residents, workers, and visitors at residential communities, retail shopping centers, construction sites, and industrial complexes.

Direct Guard provides you with the best and most cost-effective mobile patrol services available. We work with you to understand your security needs and tailor our services to meet your expectations and budget. Direct Guard Services offers you the kind of services that can keep you confident about the safety of yourself, your property, employees, and visitors. Our professional security guard services at Direct Guard are designed to serve you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Mobile Patrol Services

Direct Guard Mobile Patrol Services

Direct Guard Services works with you to design and develop customized programs and patrolling procedures that best suits you. We work together with our clients to decide the best timeframe and frequency of Vehicle Patrol Services for your property. We then supply your facility with highly trained and exceptionally qualified professional security guards to perform the best duties.

Direct Guard understands the importance of having a strong presence of security guards on your property. So, we provide you with armed security guards and unarmed security guards, fully uniformed mobile security guards, and marked patrol vehicles. Direct Guard patrol security guards are trained to respond to a wide variety of security calls. If there are any suspicious or criminal activities, we will provide a rapid and effective response.

The security guards at Direct Guard Services will be your eyes and ears for security matters on the property. Our mobile patrol units will work internally to watch, monitor, and report any security breaches that might occur within your facility. Security guards patrolling with our highly visible marked vehicles will monitor your premises and report any signs of threats or potential crime risks on your property.
Our GPS-enabled reporting system, Direct Track, allows our operations team to monitor all movements of all our mobile patrol vehicles in real-time by simply logging through a browser. Other services our mobile patrol officers provide include:

Alarm Response
Locking and Unlocking Services
Observe & Report
Protecting Late Night/ Early Morning Employees
Identifying Unauthorized Vehicles
First Aid Services
Patrolling Parking Lots and Structures
Initiating Emergency and Fire Response
Risk Assessments and Management
Surveying outdoor spaces

Mobile patrol services offered by Direct Guard Services  is your best choice and should be the first line of defense for you and your property. We specialize in quick response and effective deterrence of crime. Contact us today to book our mobile patrol services.