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Security Guard Services In Riverside County

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Security Guard Services Riverside

Home of the last of the two original navel orange trees in California, Riverside is a city and the county of Riverside. With a growing population of 303, 871, it is the 58th most populous city in the United States of America. Also located in Riverside, is the University of California (founded 1954), Riverside, which is located in the northeastern part of the city. Today, Riverside’s growing economy depends heavily on government, education, manufacturing, and retail. Affordable land space and housing are attracting more and more employees and skilled laborers in the city. As the population grows, the city’s retail industry also grows. With this massive growth and a crime rate of 37 per one thousand residents, there is an increasing need for reliable and trusted Security Guard Companies in Riverside to reduce crime and violence.


There are various security guard companies throughout Riverside, California, however many of these security companies lack the experience and capability to deliver premium security services. Direct Guard Services is simply the right choice for security. We are a fully licensed and bonded private Security Guard Companies in Riverside led by a senior management team with a decade of experience in armed security guards, unarmed security guard services and mobile patrol services. Direct Guard prides itself by providing its valued clients with professional, quality, and responsive security guards, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, at competitive rates.

Qualified Security Services In Riverside County

There are many security guard companies but very few provide premium customer service, innovation, and lack reliability. Our security guard services riverside are available 24/7 – around the clock. At Direct Guard Services, we are fully aware that security issues can arise at any time, therefore our operations team is ready to respond at any minute without comprising qualified and trained security guards.

Our armed and unarmed security services, and mobile patrol services are custom and unique to each site. Over the last decade, we have worked with countless reputable businesses and no two businesses are alike. Whether it be hotel security, residential/ HOA security, fire watch security, access control, construction security, or event security; each client is unique. Our security guard consultants work closely with you to analyze and pinpoint your security goals. We realize that each client has their concerns and needs, depending on the security issues at hand.

At Direct Guard Services, we accomplish the setup of your site’s security services through multi-layered management personnel, stringent officer selection and training processes, and quality assurance procedures, and innovative technology (DirectTrack) that provides you with the highest return on your investment. Once our experienced security consultants assess and identify your security needs, we create a custom-tailored security plan that will benefit you and your operations, smoothly and effectively. We must create a strong and effective security plan from the beginning to ensure we don’t encounter any hiccups. Next, our operations team works closely with our HR Department to select a qualified and experienced security guard that will fit the culture and brand of your business. We must hand select a security guard that will become an asset to your security operations from our pool of highly professional and rigorously trained security guards.

Along with long and short-term armed and unarmed security guard services, Direct Guard Services also provides security consulting services, mobile patrol services, fire watch services, access control services, construction security, executive protection services, and event security services. Be it armed or unarmed, our team of skilled security guard services riverside are well trained and experienced in their line of work. Recruiting and training the right security guards that fit our security companies culture and brand, along with our state of the art security technology, our security guards stand apart, prove their value to clients, and go above and beyond during each shift to protect and safeguard your property and employees. Direct Guard Services is the leader in providing the highest quality of security guard services at an affordable price without compromising our level of service.

Mobile Patrol Services

Direct Guard Services offers professional-level security services without the cost of 24/7 on-site security guards. Our highly visible and effective patrol services are a cost-effective solution to clients who have a low budget without compromising the security of their personnel and or property. DGS provides mobile patrol services with real-time security updates which can be readily customized. With our mobile patrol services, the security guards at Direct Guard Services drive highly visible marked vehicles to increase presence, quickly respond to alarms and open and close business facilities.
Core Mobile Patrol Services Include:

Patrol Site Inspection
Alarm Response
Lock and Unlock Facilities

The security guards at Direct Guard Services can quickly check in on client sites at various times. While not at client sites, DGS mobile patrol security guards continue patrolling at defined geographical areas, making them ready to respond quickly to a variety of situations. Our highly flexible approach gives you the benefit of-onsite security without the cost of around-the-clock security expenses. DGS mobile patrol services are customized to each client’s needs.

Mobile patrol services typically involve our security guards driving through the perimeter of the client’s facility to look for suspicious activity, also providing a visible deterrent. Security guards frequently get out of the vehicles during a mobile patrol to check doors, lock and unlock doors according to clients’ specific site orders. All mobile patrol inspection reports are reported on our guard management software, Direct Track, which is available to our clients in real-time with GPS stamping. Direct Track provides complete transparency to our valued clients and immediately alerts our clients of any issues found on their site by the mobile patrol security guard. Mobile patrol inspections can also involve our security guards performing interior inspections of our client facilities. Security guards look for safety concerns, check interior doors, and adjust equipment according to site-specific instructions per the client’s needs.

Many municipalities require alarms to be verified before police responding, or impose extremely high fees for police to respond. This makes our mobile patrol services alarm response exceptionally cost-effective. When an alarm is activated, our nearest Direct Guard mobile patrol guard is dispatched to the site. The security guard will investigate and enact a proper response. If the area is clear the security guard will reset the alarm, and if any issue is found, the security guard will contact the proper authorities, such as law enforcement, building maintenance, or emergency authorities.

Don’t wait for a security incident to occur for you to hire Direct Guard Services, California’s leading private security guard company. Our mobile patrol guards make a difference for our valued clients every day. Let Direct Guard Services take care of your security needs so that you can focus on building your business while having peace of mind knowing Direct Guard is on your side to ensure the safety and security of your premises and personnel.

Since our inception in 2010, we strive to be the leader with the most innovative and reliable private security services throughout California with our state of the art technology and professionally trained armed and unarmed security guards. Contact us now!