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Our Approach

Direct Guard Services Approach

Direct Guard Services believes in a security principle that puts the client’s interests first. Our risk-based approach designs a program customized for your needs, using the latest innovations in technology. We back your program with the world’s most vigilant guard force. Our integrated security solutions help you mitigate risk, reduce costs, and drive compliance.

Direct Guard Services Difference

In a region that’s saturated with security guard companies, Direct Guard Services recognizes it’s important now more than ever to offer unparalleled customer service, cutting-edge technology solutions, and highly trained staff. Here’s how we provide unparalleled security guard services throughout California.

24/7 Security Guards 800-578-2123


At Direct Guard, we work diligently to create a foundation that meets all expectations through comprehensive services, as well as tailor individual programs to meet the security and protection needs of each client. With a management team available 24/7, we are available to handle client requests immediately throughout the state of California.



Our real-time reporting software, Direct Track provides clients access to instantaneous updates. Security guards can report any security or maintenance activity from the field using a mobile device. This information is viewable and made available through daily reports via email or a web-based interface. Whether it’s a typed note, uploaded photo, or a voice recording, our authentic technology captures pertinent information and is delivered to clients based on their preferences in real-time, with GPS enabled. These reports provide peace of mind and can ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to their security protection.


Training and

All Direct Guard security officers receive pre-employment instruction on writing and reasoning, verbal judo, and crowd control. Testing is administered and security guards must receive passing grades to be considered for employment. A major emphasis is placed on report writing, and candidates must demonstrate skill in completing actual incident reports. This process ensures that the documentation of all incidents is thorough and accurate.
Upon successful completion of the pre-employment instruction, security guards training both at our offices and on-location by field supervisors using the written post orders as the primary training tool. All security guards must pass a facility test designed specifically for a client account before working at that location to ensure that they are expertly trained and ready to work in California.
Refresher training is provided as part of every inspection visit and emergency procedure testing is administered every quarter to all security guards.


Direct Guard is committed to delivering industry-leading, innovative integrated security solutions with outstanding customer service that mitigate risk and add value to your business