Unarmed Security Guard Services

Unarmed Security Guard Services all over California

Many clients are inclined to have more confidence in armed security guards. They believe that unarmed security guards may not provide the required protection. However, this happens to be a wrong notion, and the decision for armed security guards or unarmed security guard services is dependent on your security requirements. Not every situation warrants the need for armed security guards. Having the presence of unarmed security guards in your facility will go a long way to deter crime and make sure that your facility and the people in it remain safe and secure. Small and medium-sized events, and some large gatherings, may require the services of qualified unarmed security guards.

There are many advantages to employing the services of unarmed security guards. Hiring an unarmed security guard is more cost-effective. For budgetary reasons, opting for unarmed security guards is a preferable choice, especially for small-medium events and gatherings. Provided that proper communication tools are made available, unarmed security guard services who have been placed at strategic locations will maintain a good channel of communication between themselves and local law enforcement. This helps them to call for reinforcements when any security situation is escalated.

Unarmed Security Guard Services

At Direct Guard Services, we provide unarmed security guards. They have been carefully selected, properly trained, and intensively screened to ensure that they remain professional, certified, reliable, to provide the best customer services available. Our unarmed security guards have just the right knowledge, experience, and skills to carry out a wide variety of security tasks. These tasks range from visible deterrence to crime prevention to reporting individuals caught in criminal acts.

Insurance and liability issues regarding security guards and their use of firearms are of great concern to a few business owners. Although Direct Guard carries a very comprehensive insurance program, and an excellent training program for our armed security guards, we understand how these customers feel. The solution is to employ the services of our unarmed security guards. Our approach is to work with you to determine the level of your security needs and provide the appropriate number of qualified unarmed security guards. Protect your assets, employees, family, and visitors.

At Direct Guard Services, We Understand Your Concerns, and We Offer You Unarmed Security Guards Providing The Following Services:

Prompt Threat Assessments
Event And Property Access Control Services
Providing Adequate Assistance To The Public As Required
Conducting Foot and Vehicle Patrol Services
Regular Communications With Law Enforcement Agencies
Assisting Management In Security Tasks As Needed
GPS Enabled Real TIme Hourly Reporting via Direct Track

At Direct Guard Services, your security is our number one priority. We tender to the whole of California with unarmed security guards. Our security guards have received the right training to help deter criminal activities appropriately. Our unarmed security guards will provide you with a good sense of security and promote a peaceful environment. Contact us today to book our services. You will not be disappointed!