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Security Guard Services In Sacramento

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Sacramento Security Guards

Sacramento is the capital of the U.S. state of California. The state’s capital is home to 500,000 residents in the official city of Sacramento, along with 1.9 million residents in the surrounding areas of Sacramento. Sacramento offers a range of exciting, educational, and historic attractions sure to entertain all. With so many historical landmarks the need for sacramento security guards is on the rise daily.

There are many security guard companies but very few provide premium customer service, innovation, and lack reliability. Our security guard services are available 24/7 – around the clock. At Direct Guard Services, we are fully aware that security issues can arise at any time, therefore our operations team is ready to respond at any minute without comprising qualified and trained security guards. Our armed and unarmed security services, and mobile patrol services are custom and unique to each individual site. Over the last decade, we have worked with countless reputable businesses and no two businesses are alike.

Whether it be hotel security, residential/ HOA security, fire watch security, access control, construction security, or event security; each client is unique.


Our security guard consultants work closely with you to analyze and pinpoint your security goals. We realize that each client has their concerns and needs, depending on the security issues at hand. At security guard services sacramento, we accomplish the setup of your site’s security services through multi-layered management personnel, stringent officer selection and training processes, and quality assurance procedures that provide you with the highest return on your investment. Once our experienced security consultants assess and identify your security needs, we create a custom-tailored security plan that will benefit you and your operations, smoothly and effectively. We must create a strong and effective security plan from the beginning to ensure we don’t encounter any hiccups. Next, our operations team works closely with our HR Department to select a qualified and experienced security guard that will fit the culture and brand of your business. We must hand select a security guard that will become an asset to your security operations from our pool of highly professional and rigorously trained security guards.

Along with long and short-term armed security guards and unarmed security guard services, Direct Guard Services also provides security consulting services, mobile patrol services, fire watch services access control construction security, executive protection services, and event security services. Be it armed or unarmed, our team of skilled security guards are well trained and experienced in their line of work. Recruiting and training the right security guards that fit our security companies culture and brand, along with our state of the art security technology, our security guards stand apart, prove their value to clients, go above and beyond during each shift to protect and safeguard your property and employees. Direct Guard Services is the leader in providing the highest quality sacramento security guards services, at an affordable price without compromising our level of service throughout Sacramento.

Expert Security Guard Services In Sacramento

There are numerous benefits when hiring Direct Guard Services for your business. The presence of the Direct Guard’s security guards at your facility can immediately provide you with peace of mind which you were previously lacking. Not having peace of mind when it comes to your business, and the security of your employees or family can cause you lots of stress. Without a doubt, when employees feel safe and secure at their workplace their performance and productivity levels increase because they do not have to worry about their safety.

When customers and clients visit your place of business and they see Direct Guard at your facility they feel at ease knowing that you are worried about their safety and are taking the proper measures to ensure their safety. Security threats can not only create a human or physical threat but also can result in damaging the reputation of your business which you worked so hard to build. All your hard work and dedication can be damaged without the presence of a reputable security guard companies in sacramento like Direct Guard Services. Our armed and unarmed security guards have proved to be a deterrence for crime to many of our valued clients throughout Sacramento.

The security guards at Direct Guard Services do an excellent job of being visible and professional to the general public and businesses they are protecting by understanding the client’s needs and goals for security. At Direct Guard we thoroughly screen and conduct background checks, and verify employment history. Also, all candidates must pass a drug-screening test to become a security guard or staff member at Direct Guard Services. DGS takes the necessary steps to ensure we only hire top-tier, qualified security guards, as we understand we represent our clients and are an extension of our client’s staff.

Security Guard Companies In Sacramento, Security is a fundamental need in various aspects of the economy – from commercial establishments, businesses, residential homes, to public events. There is no easy substitute for achieving physical and emotional assurance when it comes to providing reliable security services, which is why it’s worth looking into professional security services for your needs. It can make all the difference between a life or death situation, offering protection for your family, assets, employees, guests, and more.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Security Companies In Sacramento

Professional Security Services Can Boost Customer Service

At Direct Guard Services, our security guards can go a long way in keeping guests, employees, clients, and more out of trouble. Seeing as security services cater to help people, it works hand-in-hand with customer services. With that in mind, our professional security guards also have the knack for building rapport with guests. They can provide a sense of order beyond emergencies, helping people in minor yet tense moments to improve your company’s customer service.

Professional Security Services Can Manage Issues Efficiently

Direct Guard Services is one of the most reputable security service companies in Sacramento, with years of experience in the security guard industry. That means we have the right training and clear judgment to take the next best course of action. This includes making decisions that will mitigate panic and lead to the best interest of the people, making their years-long intuitive experience beneficial in resolving problems efficiently and effectively.

Hiring Expert Security Services Promotes a Safe Business Environment

DGS Security guards are the first line of defense in various situations, making them the first responders while waiting for the police or EMTs in emergencies. They have the license and expertise to handle unpleasant situations and ensure the sense of panic does not escalate, making them a handy addition to your team that can improve your customer service and ensures the community is in safe hands.

If you’re looking to boost your security for your business or events in Sacramento, we’re the best professional security services companies to call in Sacramento. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help keep peace and enhance your safety.