4 Common Security Mistakes to Avoid in a Gated Community

While selecting a residence individuals often look out for certain characteristics the place holds for example they may see the crime rate, security, and infrastructure of a community or a place where they have decided to live. Gated communities have all these characteristics and ensure that the residents are secure all the time. In addition, gated communities have to avoid certain mistakes so that the property, assets, and individuals living there have full security and safety, some of those mistakes are highlighted below;


Entry without Authorization

The most crucial location of a gated community is the entrance from where the residents are only allowed to enter. As the name indicates that a gated community is having a gate or a barrier but the mere presence of such a barrier is not enough to bar illegal access. In this case, a gated community must hire security guards who will ensure that there is no unauthorized entry by checking the residence ID and they will also keep track of who enters or exits the community.


No Fire watch Security

Due to the increase in fire threats, it is necessary to have fire watch security in a gated community. This is because fire watch security guards look out for fire threats, especially in the zones which have a high threat, and in case of fire they are well trained to act accordingly. Moreover, they should be hired by a fire watch security company that provides the best fire watch services such as well-trained firefighters. These companies have accountability for the safety of individuals, premises as well as assets.


Unfinished Entry Records

Entry logs have records of who enters the gated community these logs are mostly made when guests visit the community. Additionally, you can simply obtain visitors’ information by asking visitors to show their IDs and why they are here for the visit. Guards should record the entry and exit timing plus if they find someone suspicious they have full authority to not allow them to enter the community. Furthermore, it should be ensured that entrance records should be digitalized and structured.


Resident Tips and Education

Residents of the community must be given tips and education regarding security protocols. For example, fire watch security can teach them how to use the fire extinguisher so that the residents can also play a vital role in securing the community they are living in. Furthermore, they can be given guidelines related to security plus they must know the rules and regulations of the community, for example informing the gatekeeper about the guests if the residents are inviting them.


In conclusion above are some of the ways how you can more efficiently secure a gated community. Some of the other mistakes to avoid in a gated community is not knowing the resident’s history, some- times residents living in the community might come out as criminals so it is important to know your resident’s historic records. Another common mistake is not frequently checking the CCTV cameras or alarms systems this means that safety equipment efficiency must be checked at a regular interval. Lastly, signs must be there discouraging individuals to break the laws of the community.

What Makes a Better-Gated Community?

Having a gated community is much better than other open communities or apartments. This is because it is more secure and safe as compared to security in apartments or other roadside houses. The gated community is always surrounded and fully covered by huge fences and big walls with proper security systems and security guards as well.

One of the main benefits of a gated community includes the extra space you get. If you are living in an apartment or on a roadside house, you may only get a limited space around your residence, however, if you are living in a joint community and apartment system, then you may only get limited space for your guests, their parking, and for other small events spaces for yourself as well. Being a resident of a gated community, you would have much space of your own and you would be free of any kind of hustle and panic.

Moreover, it would have a good impact on society, because most elite class people are found living in a gated communities. Apart from the benefits of a gated community, you must remember that still security is required everywhere, and so a gated community also needs it. However, one of the greatest security service providers includes my guard service provider. They are one of the top-ranking security companies, they are highly serving in several other places such as fire watch Ventura, event security Orange County, San Francisco security guard companies, and also armed guard services in Orange County. So they are famous all around the world and are having a good image in the eyes of their clients.



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