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Virtual Security Guard:


Virtual security guard services are being used by more enterprises all over the world to provide a proactive security plan for their property. These companies, also known as remote video monitoring companies, use cutting-edge surveillance technology to keep an eye on your property’s video streams.

Security experts with years of experience are used by remote monitoring services to protect the safety of a business, neighborhood, and more. The next article will explain what a remote video monitoring service is and why virtual security guards are beneficial.

With managed security services, DG Security guard can provide you with immense quality of security service to counter problems and threats with virtual security service. So, contact DG Security Guard immediately if you have any additional questions or would like a free estimate for the cost of live video monitoring or to schedule a video monitoring evaluation.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Virtual Security Guard, a new subscription service that provides you with the assurance and benefits of onsite security by having security agencies monitor the premises of your environment through cameras. Virtual Security Guard helps keep your house or business safe and secure while you are away on vacation, asleep in bed, or at your child’s soccer game, so you can focus on other things.
Virtual Security Guard is a new service from Security Companies in the USA. The capacity of virtual security guard services to provide clients with constant peace of mind, day or night, is its most significant benefit. Security professionals keep an eye on video footage and use advanced video analytics software to spot any unusual activities.

Virtual security guards can have unrivaled video quality in low light thanks to security cameras with night vision functions. Unlike the security specialists of a live video monitoring service, physical security guards are restricted by what they can see.

The virtual security guard can swiftly decide whether the suspicious activity is a threat if it is discovered. If an intruder is detected, on-site employees can be notified, and the intruder can be given verbal directives using microphones built into the system.
The following functions and precautions are included in Virtual Security Guard:

• The service is only turned on for the cameras you specify and only when you want it. Virtual monitoring is turned off by default for cameras, and you select which ones you want to enroll.

• Privacy is ensured by using mod for agents to monitor motion occurrences. Unless you enable virtual monitoring, agents will never be able to see your cameras.

• Agents can only see videos in real-time as part of Live View when a motion event is triggered on an enrolled camera, and they can’t store, download, or share them.

• If you put up Privacy Zones on an enrolled camera, the agents will respect them and will not be able to see them.

In addition, a notification will appear in the official App to let you know when Virtual Security Guard is active and which films have been evaluated by Rapid Response agents.

An Extra Layer of Security for Your Home or Business

Virtual Security Guard agents at Rapid Response have been professionally trained in a variety of settings and have gone through background checks and anti-bias training. Depending on the sort of motion event occurring at your house or small company, they will intervene. The following are the different levels of response:

• If there is a passerby, delivery, or service person on the property, the agent checks to see if there is any escalation and no extra assistance is required.

• Agent Intervention and Deterrence – if someone is causing property damage, forcing entry into a house or business, or if there is a life-threatening situation, agents can engage via Two-Way Talk, or utilize the siren or light to notify the person on video if accessible.

Agent-Delivered Emergency Services

If the agent thinks that emergency services are required, he or she can dispatch fire, medical, or police assistance.

For example, if someone tries to open your business’s door after hours, you should:

• The Rapid Response agent first utilizes Two-Way Talk to inform the visitor that they are being watched and that their actions will be recorded.

• If the guest refuses to leave your property, the agent will ask them to do so.

• If the visitor still refuses to leave, the agent activates the camera’s siren and continues to monitor the situation while emergency personnel arrives.

• By delivering a link to the video, the agent also notifies the device owner and any designated emergency contacts about the issue through phone calls and SMS.

There is currently a widespread shift away from traditional security guard services and toward virtual security guard services. This is primarily due to the growth of technology in the field of information technology over time. Video surveillance is quite effective in minimizing criminal activities. By holding those responsible for crimes accountable. As well as punishing them for their wrongdoings.
Remote video surveillance is available with our Digital or virtual Security Guard. With security guards who are licensed and trained to react and respond quickly to threats. For alert alerts, security camera systems can be improved and instantly turned on or off.


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