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How a security guard secures work

Spending our lives and going here and there, while on a road or entering a shop or even when sleeping in your own home do you feel peaceful or secure if you see a uniformed officer doing their duties. But do we ever wonder how security guard does their duties? Security guard in Los Angeles […]
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Few Qualities You Need to Become a Security officer

What should you say about a person who runs towards risk in its place or away from it? A person who puts others’ security requirements before their own. Like police officers, militaries, and firefighters, it takes a surprising individual to turn out to be a Security Officer. If you’re engrossed in becoming a top Security […]
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Safety and Security Tips For Large Crowds

Large crowds are events where thousands or hundreds of thousands of people gather to practice a specific sport, political rally, fair, music festival, block party, or parade. Unfortunately, large crowds have been the cause of the majority of all tragedies and disasters in the past decade. Although we love gathering together and spending time with […]
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10 Safety Tips for On-Duty Security Service Officers

Every day, hundreds of security service guards and officers put their lives at risk to protect us. But it is about their protection. No one saves them! Along with offering security services to the citizens, the security guards and officers equally necessitate safety insurance. But how? Concluding in simple words, here are the ten safety […]
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