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Security Guard Responsibilities and Duties

A highly skilled security guard would make all the difference for your business by fulfilling the Standard Security guard responsibilities. This is especially true for those security guards who have been employed with top ranking security providers and have gotten ample of training regarding their duties. A security guard can prevent horrible instances from occurring in several situations and so it can be a pretty dangerous occupation but rewarding nonetheless.


A security has to take their duties pretty seriously. There is a wide variety of security guard jobs ranging from being present on site, all the way to immediately responding to cases of assault and robbery. Knowing what these duties are and being able to treat them with a lot of care and esteem is what helps in separating a high quality security guard from a bad one.

Security Guard Responsibilities

Here are some major security guard responsibilities that you need to look out for:


One important part of being a security guard is staying visible to potential lawbreakers. The presence of a security figure will keep a lot of people from trespassing the property lines, and also prevent them from attempting something illegal or inappropriate. A good security guard can be discrete and obvious at the same time. However, you will need to strategize where to position them, as that can have a significant impact on safety.

Staying alert

It is important that a security guard is always alert about their surroundings. They should be able to do the ocular pat down of a passersby within a few seconds. This is a standard practice, and having a keen sense of sight, smell, and hearing will help in aiding your vigilance. If the security guard smells something burning or a possible chemical leak then they will need to alert the proper authorities quickly. If you are see or hear something strange then you will have to act on it immediately. Having a short attention span or a weak sight will mean that you have hired a less than ideal office of security.

Observing and reporting

These are two of the major responsibilities that come with being a security guard. You have to have a clear recollection of events that allow responders to respond ideally to an event. This will go a long way. If it is not possible for a security officer to be able to recall necessary occurrences then the responding paramedics or authorities will not have the necessary information to act appropriately with. It is important that the security officers know who to report to, may it be officers, paramedics, or certain employers. They will make sure that things do not go sideways.

Be prompt in response

You can act efficiently by staying alert and taking care of different situations. This helps you minimize any harm that can further impact the property due to negligence. If the security officer is preoccupied then the incident will go undetected and can cost the business a lot. Another thing that you can take into account is what the security officer’s fitness regime would look like. If the security guard you are hiring is out of shape then you will encounter a lot of issues. They will be poor at manhandling criminals, or in physical altercations, either of which would cost your business massively.

Maintaining order in the premise

Security guards would often be required to be available at huge gatherings such as political rallies, and religious meetings. In situations that are volatile a security officer’s job would be to maintain order. The presence of the security office would help in preventing crimes but if unforeseen situations occur, the security guard will have to be able to extinguish a rowdy crowd through adequate social skills, and also physical abilities, if it comes to that. Being able to maintain a crowd is not easy as it sounds, you will have to accumulate different skills in order to do that.

Helping company guests

Several times a guard will be present at an office or an apartment build acting as its concierge or reception personnel. This will consist of delivering essential information on people’s whereabouts especially if they are important. Other than that, if they are a mall security guard then they will be able to give information about retail stores, and so you want to make sure that the security guards you are hiring have good memory so they know which store is where.

On top of helping the company’s guests you will have to keep an eye on other things like pointing out potential threats, and keeping dangerous lawbreakers out of the premise of the place you are stationed at. This will help keep the mall’s security pretty tight.

Follow clients’ policy

Security guards are often required to follow policies that have been set by the client regarding the space they have been tasked with protecting. They have to perform searches for concealed weapons, prevent taking pictures of inaccessible areas, prevent access to forbidden regions, and also verify appointments. They will have to make sure to download all of the necessary information that they are getting about visitors as well.

Know the safety precautions

One responsibility of a safety officer to advise people about all of the important safety precautions, which should be taken pretty seriously. Of course, it would be on the client to whether or no heed to the security guard’s advice, but the officer can cover their base by letting them know either way. It is through experience, that the security guard can approach safety precautions so that they can mitigate the harm that could be caused to the property.

Call for help

Last, but not least, a security officer will know who to contact, and when to do it. Though a security guard might be at the peak of their fitness regime, they might not be fully equipped to handle the situation. This is especially true when it comes to weapons or armed robberies. If serious injury has been incurred the paramedics should be contacted. Summoning the authorities swiftly will prove to be the best measure when dealing with a difficult situation and can help in saving a lot of lives.

Usually, hiring security guards from a top-notch security company can help you a lot because they will be trained to figure out if something is going wrong and what to do about it. They will have perfected their instincts and physical fitness in order to respond to a situation immediately and properly. Top-ranking security providers invest immensely in their security training through research and development. They stay on top of trends and also work to provide the best security equipment to their employees so that their clients can feel safe, and have all their safety requirements met. Other than that, a security company will help you strategize where to place the security officers, and so that will make it easier for you to get your safety under control and allow you to feel safe.

It is best that you know what the security guard responsibilities are so that you know what to expect when you are hiring one. But your best bet would be to hire one from a top-ranking security provider.


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