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10 Safety Tips for On-Duty Security Service Officers


Every day, hundreds of security service guards and officers put their lives at risk to protect us. But it is about their protection. No one saves them! Along with offering security services to the citizens, the security guards and officers equally necessitate safety insurance. But how? Concluding in simple words, here are the ten safety precautions tips for security officers to make their life safer and duty better.


1.     Wear safety gears

Whether you are visiting any meet-up or having any investigation, make sure you are wearing safety gear all the time. Situations can take a turn over at any moment. For that, you have to be prepared. If your security service department allows you to carry firearms, make sure you have one all the time. Other safety gear to carry include; a flashlight, baton, and pepper spray only if your department allows you.


2.     Wear proper uniform

The proper uniform might sound unlikely for safety, but it has a crucial impact on the security officer’s health. Take a hat and shoes, for instance. You can’t wear sneakers or joggers during duty hours. Instead, you necessitate special shoes. The same goes for the hat. Remember, you are not a security guard but an officer. Your team will imbibe your vibe the way you characterize yourself. Be an example for them.


3.     Be aware of your surroundings!

You ought to master the location you are patrolling. Speak less and listen more. It should be your ultimate motto. Observe every single activity of the suspects. Most of the time, security service officers are appointed to patrol commercial areas with hazardous substances. If so, then be prepared and alert for every mishap. Try your best to avoid physical contact with the substances. Maintain distance.


4.     Wear hidden gears

Sometimes, batons and firearms are not enough to protect you against devilish criminals. At times, you necessitate hidden yet efficient safety gear. A few departments do not allow security officers to carry firearms or batons. In these cases, the officers suffer a lot to protect them. Carry electric shock for safety concerns. Most of the states in the US have allowed the use of electric shock for self-defense. Confirm with your department and use this hidden self-defense gear.


5.     Know emergency routes

When things get out of control, follow your emergency plans. Rather than depending on a single plan or on your department to protect you: be your own superhero.  Facing an earthquake? Fore spreading? Fatal injury? Or flood? Recall your safety plans and take speedy action. Remember, even in these situations, your priority should be your surroundings. Make sure everyone is safe and secure.


6.     Vary your route

Let us give you million-dollar advice. Never follow the same route to reach your patrolling location. We repeat, NEVER! Your criminals are monitoring your every single activity. You never know the route you are choosing might have been trapped. Stay alert! Choose different routes to reach your destination. Wear safety gear and be fully prepared to face sudden attacks.


7.     Know your limits

Regardless of the fact that you are an official security service officer, there are still a lot of things that you are restricted to do. Know your limits! Keep your duty according to the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction. Implement all the rules and mention and prevaricate those which are restricted. This practice will decrease your chances of facing misfortunes.


8.     Be familiar with security measures!

The security equipment you are carrying for self-defense and patrolling, be familiar with how to use them. Before using the firearm, ensure you know the usage and when to use it. Mark a proper plan before taking action. If you are suspecting someone, then make sure what to do and when to. Precede things in a step-by-step manner.


9.     Be prepared

Whenever you encounter a worst-case scenario, be prepared on how to deal with it. Examine and memorize the location you are patrolling. Check how porous the area is. Make emergency exits. Although the worst-case scenarios are rare for security services still, you need to be prepared for every situation.


10.Maintain distance

Getting too close is the open sign of calling someone to attack. Maintain distance whether you are interviewing someone or patrolling. Criminals are always in search of chances to strike and escape. Suppose you are cross-examining a criminal while standing too close. The criminal can attack you at any moment to grab your weapon. Stay Alert!

The more prepared and well-skilled you perform, the safer your security service will be. Wear gears, be alert, and pay attention to every detail! Lastly, make sure to share this post with your department and let them know how to protect and make duty better.


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