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Things You Didn’t Know About Security Guard Companies!


In this fast-paced and scammy world, it is always hard to save yourself and your belongings. The only life-savior that seems to be the best option is the security guard companies. But, no matter how hard you try, there are always some missing factors.

To cover up all those missing ingredients, you need to hire a security company. But before that, there are a few things you didn’t know about security guard companies.

Things You Didn’t Know About Security Guard Companies!

Below are some points about the security guard companies that are hidden from the community or are erroneous.

They Aren’t Only For VIPs

Yes, you read it right. It is the most viral misconception about security guard companies. You don’t have to be a celebrity to hire any security guard company. Ordinary folks can even hire them to increase their safety.

As the CEOs and Celebrities are rich and famous, they necessitate having a guard with them 24/7. If you are security concerns, you can hire any guard you want. After Hiring a guard, you will have 100% safety surety.

Not all Guards Carry Guns All the Time!

Here is the second misguided fact. Most people desire to hire a security company but always take a step back after realizing that the guard will carry weapons that will look awkward. There is a difference between unarmed and armed security guards.

You Can Hire Them For Fire Watch

Those who live in California must know how common an issue is. The dry air with the extreme temperature makes it effortless for the surroundings to catch fire. If you are traveling out of the state, you can hire a security company to look after your place.

Before you step ahead, are you sure you know the tricks of selecting the best security guard companies? If not, scroll to the end.

Things To Look For When Hiring Security Guard Companies

Well-Trained & Dedicated Staff

Your first question to the company you are considering should be about their staff. Ask them how dedicated and professional their team is. It is crucial to be sure about the staff because your investment relies on them.

Consider the company whose guards are well-trained, have firearm licenses, complete guard training, experienced, and expert in dealing with emergencies. Besides, the security officers that keep the performance record of the guards should be easy to communicate with and friendly.

Reputation In The Marketplace

What the marketplace says about the company does matter. Scam alerts are increasing with every passing day. The escalating number of competitors is making it problematic to select a trusted brand. Before considering any company, check its reputation in the market.

The best way to check the state is by analyzing the reviews of the customers. Past customer reviews give an original image of the company. For self-satisfaction, you can even communicate with the customers.

Ask them about how the company handles the terms & conditions and how friendly the services are. Then, if you are satisfied, step to the next step.

License & Insurance

Remember, ignoring this factor can cause you many troubles in the future. The security guard company you are opting for should have a license and insurance. License is the surety that the company is confirmed by the states and is safe to trust.

On the other hand, the insurance is the customer’s safety if any incident happens in the future regarding the security the company will pay for it: Incidents due to the irresponsibility of the guards & staff.


You may have a high or limited budget opt for the company whose charges are pocket-friendly. Besides, also check how frequently the company issues bills, weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly? Rates also vary based on monthly rates or hourly rates.

If the charges are hourly, then the estimated monthly budget range will be high. Reversing it, monthly charges are way better and easy to afford. Make sure that you select the security guard company with monthly rates and bills. Besides, the extra charges, supplement cost, and uniform cost.

What Technologies Are They Utilizing?

Without utilizing technologies, the security services are incomplete. The time is advanced, and you deserve to have advanced services. Ask the company during the interview what technologies they are employing in their services.

The must-have technologies include security cameras, wireless microphones, and hidden cameras. In addition, the guards should be trained on how to handle the technology. The use of advanced technology in the service increases security and makes the environment safer than ever.

Remember, some security guard companies charge an extra amount for the employment of the technologies. However, do not pay extra for it, as it is included in the monthly/hourly package.

With this, we hope now you are clear with the misconceptions about the security guard companies. Make sure to apply the points mentioned while selecting the company.


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