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Step-by-Step Planning For VIP security services in United States


With the choice of the right strategies and plans, you ensure the security of the event attended by VIPs. From examining the site, checking the attendees, and keeping an eye on the guests. You somehow deliver a safe environment. Talking about plans and strategies, do you know what things are crucial while planning VIP security services in United States?

In this article, we’ve covered all the essential things VIP close protection companies add to make the event safe and successful.


1.     Visit the site before the due date

Security event planning and management start with visiting the site. During your visit to the site, bring your top security officers. Thoroughly examine the location whether you need to make any changes.

Interview the working employees of the venue to know more about the site. Make a complete list of the employees working with their information.

The only reason to re-visit the site before the due date is to check the porosity. Every place has its secrets ins and outs. Since you are new to the location, you have to master the secret ways with your experience. Block all the ways other than the main one to enter and exit the site.


2.     Set temporary boundaries

Despite having exterior boundaries, you still need to set temporary ones. This point is extra helpful for open ground. If your location is any hotel or banquet, then set boundaries away from the venue.

The boundaries should be strong enough that no one can break them and enter the location. Most of the VIP close protection companies prefer setting using wooden walls.

Wood is a reliable material and easy to set. The height of the boundaries should be 7 feet at least so that no one can jump over. Even better, if you make the edges pointy.

If you think wooden walls are not picture-perfect for you, prefer placing temporary corrugated walls. Corrugated walls look classy and are effortless in setup.


3.     Set multiple checkpoints

Most of the time, the VIP security services in United States set a single checkpoint for the attendees. That is the biggest mistake they ever make. For one person, controlling the coming crowd is impossible.

If the person solves the crowd issue, then he will fail in examining the attendees. What you need to do is set multiple checkpoints. Place two checkpoints at the main gate, two in a mid, and two inside.

This practice will break the rush among the coming attendees. If somehow a person escapes from the examination at the first checkpoint, the 2nd or 3rd checkpoint will surely catch him.


4.     Distribute invitation cards

Since you are managing the security for the event of VIPs, how will you know who is invited and who is not? Ask the event’s host to distribute invitation cards with a detailed list consisting of names and contact details.

Besides that, mention on the card to bring it while attending the event. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter the venue. Now, enter the list in your database, and forward it to the security guards present at the entrance and checkpoints.

Ask them to not let anyone enter without the invitation card and match it on the list. Possibly, some will try to show a fake card to enter the event. Having information in your database will solve this issue of having party crashes.


5.     Examine the attendees

Only checking the invitation cards and letting the attendees enter is not a safe move at all! You need to body search each person coming to avoid all possible chances of security threats.

In the body, searching takes time or sounds inappropriate for high-rated profiles, then set walk-through gates. A walk-through gate will detect the suspicious items a person is bringing into the venue.

For an even better examination, use the body scanning device. Body scanning device covers the items the walk-through gate misses.


6.     Distribute unique badges

For VIP security services in United States, the attendees are not only the ones you need to keep an eye on. Little did you know, the members of your team can be the betrayers under your nose.

In a crowded place, recognizing your team members will be difficult for you. Besides that, what if someone covers as your member and leaks the information?

To keep these security issues aside, distribute unique badges among your registered team members before the start of the event.

The badge should contain their name, rank, department name, and a QR code. This QR code will prevent the attacker from copying the identity of the security team.


7.     Monitor 24/7

Spreading your guards all around is not the only protocol you need to apply. For even better coverage, monitor the site with security cameras 24/7.

Might be possible for any invader to succeed in entering the site from the security guard’s sight. Having 24/7 monitoring with security cameras will help stop the person before he creates more mess.

Before the start of the event, make sure all security cameras are working perfectly. The person operating the cameras should know how to deal with technical issues.

The operating person must have a Walkie Talkie to communicate with the team when reporting any suspicious activity.


8.     Be ready with a backup plan

Everything is on point! The only thing missing from your management plan is a backup plan. You never know what turn the event can take. Be ready with a backup plan to keep the tag of professional VIP security services in United States.

While guiding your security team about the upcoming event, discuss the backup plan after a detailed discussion. The backup plan should comprise the strategies of saving VIPs from mishaps and keeping the environment calm.

Managing the security of random events may sound simple, but when it’s about VIPs’ security which defines how dedicated you are to VIP security services in United Statesyou need to be extra careful. We hope the above guides you in step-by-step managing and planning event security.



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