Best Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Access in Office Building

It is important you as a business owner engages in the implementation of unauthorized access prevention methods. This is important if you want to ensure safety and security for your employees. Failing to do this will lead your business premise to experience theft, accidents, and several anti-social behaviors which will cause, sometimes indefinite harm, to your workers. Prevent Unauthorized Access may help to protect premises.

It is always important to make sure that there only certain people who can enter your corporate building. This is especially true if your company is dealing with crucial data and assets that need to be kept confidential. Whether you are working in a small or large firm, regardless of the size it is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to ensure the safety of your employees. It should only be you, your employees, and the security guards who can access your building. Even, if you have customers coming, there has to be a foolproof way to make sure that they mean no harm

There are different ways you can manage access control. Thankfully the advancement in technology, especially in the security sector has helped people feel safer in their homes and workspaces. These systems are built to automate who comes in and goes out of your points of entrances and exits. You can have door staff standing 24/7 but sometimes things can come up, and so access control will help manage those gaps.

First, let us look at the ways, people prevent unauthorized access into your corporate building:

This is also known as piggybacking. One of the most common ways an unauthorized person breaks through into your premises is by following someone through an open door. Even if the follower does not have any intention of disrupting the peace of the building they still are at fault, and the person being followed may not even know of what is happening. This is one of the most common types of security breaches, and whilst it is often completely innocent it can sometimes expose the organization to risks.

For this, you can have entrance control turnstiles installed. These turnstiles are usually pretty helpful in preventing people from basically walking away from the security guard services at full speed, to avoid being stopped.
While tailgating can be considered a threat to security, a company should not dismiss any threats that can come up through collusion by staff who has authorized access. Whether it is intentional or an employee being courteous, it can still serve as a problem to the company.

The difference between tailgating and collusion is that in the latter the individual allowing the access is aware of the person enter the building alongside them, mostly because they have allowed. This is where the authorized employee is at fault since the actions here basically bypassed the unarmed security guard services measures set in place.

The reasons for this could be innocent, such as the employee forgetting their keycard, however, this could serve as a problem for security as well.
The one problem of having access cards is the fact that they can be lost, stolen, or even shared. While access armed security guards are an easy way to help identify the employee, they can also be duplicated. On the other hand, they can also experience a lot of wear and tear, which will make it difficult for you to identify the user.

However, there is a way around it. A lot of companies are now using the photo recognition method or even the fingerprinting system. Fingerprints, voices, and facial features are nearly impossible to duplicate, which makes it difficult for any fraudulent person to make their entry.

How to Use Access Control to Prevent Unauthorized Access?

Modern access control systems are highly efficient at preventing unauthorized access to your premise, as well as high-security areas such as storage and data rooms. With smart locks, it becomes significantly easier for you to control who is entering your building, at what time.

You can even install tracking alerts to have a more particular result. You can customize your alerts with access control systems’ cutting-edge technology, such as setting the system to alert you every time a person opens the building doors after hours. You can now even lock and unlock your doors from afar.

Some access control systems come with cameras so you can see who is coming in and going out. If your employee forget their card, or there is a late delivery you can just let them in even if you are not in the building.
CCTV cameras are excellent at marking the comings and goings of people in and out of the building. They are especially useful after hours when there is a delivery or there is an employee who needs quick access inside the building.

However, you must make sure that all of the cameras are placed strategically, and are monitored constantly.
No matter how advanced a security technology (DirectTrack) you have, having manpower at your disposal has its advantages.

A security guard will be able to physically remove intruders from the property, and also stop them if they try to somehow breach the security system.

Sometimes, technology can mess up and might need repairs, which the security guard can look after. Also if you hire a team of security guards then you can also have them patrol other sections of the building.


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