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When it comes to protecting your people and property in Riverside, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Choosing the right security guard company in Riverside requires careful consideration. Trusted for over a decade, Direct Guard Services has a reputation for providing security services of the highest quality at affordable pricing. From armed and unarmed security guard services to mobile patrol services and firewatch services, our security company is an excellent choice to meet all your organization’s security needs.

Direct Guard Services is one of the few security guard companies in Riverside to offer custom armed security guards and unarmed security services. Many security companies offer generic security services that don’t fit the needs of clients and results in liability and high expenses for the clients. Direct Guard is a security guard company who focuses on your site’s needs and demands. We design a security plan that keeps you, your personnel, and asset safe and secure. 

Led by seasoned executives who are experts in their fields and have real-world experience in the industries we serve, our security guards have a reputation for being professional, attentive, prepared, and responsive. Individual accountability and leadership are characteristics that are core to our company’s culture, from the security guards working at a site to the executive responsible for your account.

What Makes Us Different From Other Security Firms?

Responsiveness and Reach: 24 hours a day /7 days a week. Security challenges tend to make their own hours. As a result, our clients need us—in one capacity or another—24/7 and we are there for them. When they grow, they expect us to grow with them.
Access to management team at all times
Custom security plans
Selective recruitment and training process
Site preparation and readiness
State-of-the-art 24/7 Dispatch Center— our communications hub is staffed by seasoned professionals which enables us to respond immediately to changing client needs day or night. These can include additional security at a building or plant, an urgent need for secure transport, or a response to a security emergency.
Rigorous security guard training programs
Real time, GPS enabled guard reporting
Close relations with local police and sheriffs’ departments and local law enforcement agencies which help us better serve our clients

Proven Results Is Why We Are the Leading Security Guard Company In Riverside

With our many years of being in business, we have a reputation for giving our clients proven results each and every time. Using our vast areas of expertise and the best security guards in riverside, we specialize in placing security guards  in high-crime areas in an effort to deter crime, and the results prove we know our business. According to crime data from these areas, within the first few weeks of our security guards being on patrol, the crime rate decreases substantially. So no matter what type of situation you present us, we have the manpower and resources to get the job done as the leading security guard companies in Riverside for over a decade.

National security companies do not foster the same level of community ties and personal touches as Direct Guard Services. We understand the Riverside marketplace and community culture. Our proven track record and high level of customer satisfaction are testaments to our commitment for excellence as one of the most reliable security guard companies in Riverside.
We know that even one unhappy client can jeopardize our reputation. Beyond providing stellar security, we satisfy clients by tailoring each contract to meet the client’s needs and demands.
As the leading security guard companies in Riverside, we have learned that carefully hiring, training and supporting the best security guards leads to the highest levels of safety and security for clients and the general public. It is also why we have chosen to grow organically rather than following the industry’s standard practice of acquiring other firms. By managing our own growth, we can ensure that every security guard and employees believe in what we stand for and live by those values every day. It is not the industry norm, but it has resulted in becoming the most trusted and reliable security guard company in Riverside.
Our management team intentionally has smaller portfolios to manage, enabling them to build solid working relationships with both security guards and clients in Riverside County. Our managers rarely spend time in their own offices. Instead, they are on-site, working with security officers, and providing extra support and education. They get to know every site and client in their region, building trust through presence and communication.

Managers partner with security guards to help them improve safety and security for your staff, visitors and facility. Plus, they continually analyze your security plan to present recommendations to improve processes and cost efficiencies, keeping the program proactive operationally and financially.

Even our company president and executives spend extensive time in the field with security guards and clients, this results in yet another reason why Direct Guard has continuously earned the title of the best security guard company in Riverside County.
Our client support philosophy centers on availability and accountability, and this philosophy that we work by is what makes Direct Guard Services the best security guard company in Riverside County. The management team that oversees your site, as well as every Direct Guard executive, will be accessible to you and responsible for the level of service provided.

Managers will visit your accounts several times per month. Not just at start-up but throughout the life of the contract, our management team will be a real, physical presence on-site. These leaders personally assure that we keep our promise to perform in precise compliance with contract specifications, legal regulations, and our internal standards. Our managers have far fewer accounts in their portfolios than the industry average to ensure that they maintain a consistent presence at each client site.

Through regular site visits and ongoing off-site analysis, we gain an in-depth understanding of your facility, employees, visitors and security needs. This combination of on-site and off-site analysis forms the basis of our quality assurance system.
Up-to-date intelligence helps us provide a more responsive, proactive and comprehensive level of security to protect you better. As your organization’s needs evolve, so will your safety and security procedures.


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