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12 Types Of Security Guards And What They Do – A Quick Guide


It should be noted that before employing armed guard services in Los Angeles, it is accommodating to comprehend the choices accessible to you. There are different categories of security guards, and your precise setting will regulate which kind you should employ. The following guide will aid you to select the right type(s) of guards for your requirements and get started with the employing procedure.

What should be the duties of a security guard? The errands of a security guard are the parallel world around. Their job is to defend assets by monitoring, reporting, and protecting against any breach of safety. But the day-to-day of those accountabilities is a small constant in a much more excellent career scope choices.

Security Guards Types

There are twelve primary sorts of security officers working for private and public businesses. There are even more selections within those main types, and beyond that is the wide range of offices where their skills are put to use.

You should read on to learn more about some of the main dissimilarities in the sorts of security guards out there and the diverse jobs they perform.

Domestic Guards

A domestic guard will work to defend homes.

A residential guard can work to take care of a complete neighbourhood or be employed by one person to defend their private residence.

Residential guards who provide a group of residences usually work in a gated community, in charge of the common regions and individual homes.

Business Guards

Business guards are in place to support look after a business.

The sort of business you have can diverge, so the sort guard you can select from will also vary.

Some guards specify in defending a formation like a bar or a retail store.

Personal Guards

A personal guard is also denoted as a bodyguard.

A bodyguard will always present with you.

It must be a general observation that these guards are reserved for celebrities.

The personal guard has a problematic job because they don’t even have a similar job two days in a row.

Patrol Guards

Unlike bodyguards, patrol guards are thought to be poignant throughout their region while on duty.

For some vehicle patrol services Los Angeles or patrol guards, the region will be a one-hundred-yard radius, and for others, it will be a locality with 4000 homes.

Stationary Guards

A stationary guard is working at a singular place for the day.

They are particular in their area and are very engrossed in what they need to look after and take care of.

When you employ a stationary guard, they are conventionally positioned in different areas around the construction.

Government Security Guards

Government security guards are mostly functioning at government buildings.

They can be working for the local, state, or federal government, and they usually are government employees.

The security at government services is commonly quite tight, and these sorts of guards have to be well-vetted before acquiring these positions.

Proprietary Guards

If you need to employ a security guard unswervingly, this is called a proprietary guard.

These guards are not working for the Security Company.

They are self-governing workers who become workers of the company they are employed by.

Uniformed Security Guards

Uniformed guards wearing a uniform and do some good work without even having to do anything!

Just having a security guard is sometimes sufficient to discourage someone from getting into anxiety.

Plainclothes Guards

There are two essential reasons to deliberate a plainclothes security guard.

The first is if there is a condition where a uniformed officer could cause suffering or make people pain.

You may see this at a singular event or a wedding where security is required, but a uniformed guard walking around would perhaps look out of place.

Unarmed Security Guards

Several times, people thought unarmed guards are missing to fend for them with just the forte of their hands.

Unarmed guards are frequently armed with things like pepper spray or a baton.

Armed Security Guards

Armed Security guard services Los Angeles carry a firearm with them.

Contingent on the reason a security officer or guard has an occupation, they may require a firearm to acquire the job done appropriately.

The armed guards are very highly trained security guards.

Event Security Guards

Event security guards are utilized when there is a massive event with several people in attendance.

These sorts of security guards are going to keep an eye on crowd switches by keeping people moving.


Optimistically, the above-mentioned list of the different sorts of armed guard services in Los Angeles has given you an extensive idea of how in-depth the career of a security guard can be. When an individual decides to be a security guard, they require to be open to so many diverse sorts of positions. A security guard working to defend a bar and one working to defend a school have very different jobs. If you are employing a security guard, make sure you select skills that work for your specific necessities.


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