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Pandemic Security Guard Services

Pandemic Security Guard Services Before 2020, it has been a while since the world has experienced pandemic situations. The coronavirus outbreak has opened many eyes to the need to have experienced and trained security guards during pandemic periods. Pandemics occur due to the spread of infections from person to person. Most pandemics are fatal. A […]
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Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services of California We live in a world where people are obsessed with the lives of celebrities, public figures, and successful individuals. The sad aspect is that not only admirers are attracted to these individuals. But also stalkers, obsessive fans, kidnappers, extortioners, and others who might wish to harm them or people around […]
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Mobile Patrol Services

Highly-trained Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services At Direct Guard Services, our highly visible and distinctly marked Vehicle Patrol Services equipped with security lights enforce a robust visible deterrence on your property 24/7. Our mobile patrol security vehicles increase the efficiency of patrolling by the mobile patrol security guard services on your property resulting in effective surveillance. […]
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Unarmed Security Guard Services

Unarmed Security Guard Services all over California Many clients are inclined to have more confidence in armed security guards. They believe that unarmed security guards may not provide the required protection. However, this happens to be a wrong notion, and the decision for armed security guards or unarmed security guard services is dependent on your […]
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Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch Services Guard Services in California: Direct Guard Services provides responsive and reliable security services to many diversified industries. Whether permanent or temporary, we provide on-call fire watch services 24/7 for emergencies, shift coverage, construction site security, and more. Also, Direct Guard’s security experts will conduct a risk assessment which will be utilized to […]
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Event Security

Event Security Guard Services all over California We all love to attend events, be it a large carnival or a small private home party. Happily, we will participate in activities without compromised or inadequate security. Event venues have always been potential places and targets for various crimes such as theft, vandalism, violence, and even terrorism. […]
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Crossing Guard Services Traffic Control

Crossing Guard Services/ Traffic Control

Crossing Guard Services/ Traffic Control Direct Guard Services offers top-notch private crossing guards services for schools, municipalities, and organizations. A survey shows that about 1.35 million people die every year from traffic crashes globally and that pedestrian fatalities keep increasing. Street cameras and traffic technologies, as helpful as they are, do not offer 100% reliability, […]
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Crisis Management

Crisis Management When any form of crisis event occurs, many organizations find it hard to recover. They begin to wonder why and ask themselves different questions. The actual questions should be: Was any Crisis Management System Put in Place? Does the Organization Have an Understanding of Potential Risks they May be Incurring? Are there any […]
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Armed Security Guards in California

Armed Security Guards

Armed Security Guards Services in California: Armed security guards are the most effective ways of keeping your environment secure. Direct Guard Services team of Armed Guard Services will efficiently and adequately provide a safer environment, business, or living. Our armed security guards are trained to possess and use firearms mainly for defense. Direct Guard’s armed […]
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Access Control

Access Control Services in California Access control is the starting point of all human security. The right security access control implementation for your business or facility is one of the most dependable means of protecting them and their contained assets. Security access control does not only involve the prevention of entry to high-security areas. By […]
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