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9 Responsibilities of A Security Guard



Having a good and potential security guard needs to be of high importance and should be considered.

With proper security training and execution, the security guard helps avoid wrongful situations from happening in various types of security scenarios. Therefore, although it is risky and hectic, it is, at the same time, rewarding and exciting as well.

Security guards need to take their duties and responsibilities seriously and be active at work all the time. From being alert and present to keep things in order, the security guards also need to be on the alert for violence and robberies. An excellent security guard is he who takes matters seriously and responds to all problems with determination and consistency. That’s what separates a perfect security guard from a lousy security guard.

There are 9 responsibilities of a security guard which need to be taken for security measures. They are:

  1. Visibility of a Security Guard

The security guard needs to be visible at all times. This will help keep tight security measures at point as it would avoid potential theft or robbery.

The security guard needs to be cautious and visible. Having a good position is highly essential, especially where there is a lot of traffic and also helps feeling safe.

  1. Staying Alert at all Times

A security guard needs to take care of where they are positioned and the areas that they need to cover. Having accurate sense of sight, smell and hearing will help in the surveillance of the security guards’ surroundings.

If you find something weird, such as an eerie sense of smell, particularly from a gas leak, then authorities should be informed immediately.

  1. Security Guard needs to Observe & Report At All Times

Observing and reporting are the 2 most essential aspects and responsibilities of a security guard. The security guard needs to observe and report and gather up information for every occurrence that may have been caused.

Also, it is essential to note that observing and reporting to the right authorities should be known. These happenings and occurrences should be reported to paramedics, officers, and employers to make sure that these problems do not occur again.

  1. The Security Guard needs to Act Fast.

If the security guard thinks and acts fast over security matters, it would help prevent major problems from occurring. That’s why the security guard should not keep himself busy with other things while a potential theft or robbery could happen that could be non-detectable.

  1. The Security Guard Needs to Maintain Order

When certain events like political events or religious events occur, a security guard will need to be alert and focused and maintain order at such events.

The security guard needs to make sure the crowd is in its place and is not violent or excited. It may not be as easy as it seems, but the security guard should also be physically fit to help keep the crowd from losing control in these religious and political events.

  1. The Security Guard needs to Help Guests.

Some guest services and events are held where the security guard would play a vital role. For the event or occasion to go smoothly and as planned, the security guard needs to make sure that he is aware of his responsibilities and be able to recognize high threats and rotten people like the mob from taking over.

  1. Security Guard Adhering to Policy

The security guards need to stick to and abide by the policies assigned to them by their hirer to protect the space they’ve been given to for protection.

There are specific policy requirements that the security guards need to stick to, like finding hidden weapons, not giving access to forbidden areas, not allowing photography at locations where it is not permitted, substantiating appointments, and so on.

  1. The Security Guard’s Knowledge of Safety Precautions

Everyone is required to have basic knowledge of the safety precautions they need to take and abide by, especially the security guard. Although the employer might not require it, the security guard needs to educate people on these safety precautions. It still helps the security guard and comforts him by knowing that he has done his duty.

  1. The Security Guard May Also Get Help

Last but not least, the security guard may take some help. This can be done by the security guard contacting the concerned authorities. If a crucial injury or violent incident occurs during an assault by a weapon or a robbery where a security officer is not well equipped to control, the paramedics should be called. To prevent such incidents from occurring, the employer can hire multiple security guards allocated at different positions with the proper security arsenal.


The bottom line is, every company, whether small-sized or multinational, needs a security plan to avoid being robbed or, even so, hurt badly in a money heist. Therefore, it is essential and absolutely crucial to appoint a security guard or number of security guards who can help avoid thefts and robberies.


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